We Have Great Spaces Available To Fit Your Business

Located in the heart of Egg Harbor, the Main Street Shops are a well-established and highly frequented destination. Easily accessible by car or walking distance, the Shops provide ample parking and close proximity to restaurants, galleries, scenic views and more!

Our shopping center offers a clean, relaxed and friendly environment. Plus, the variety of stores at the Main Street Shops draws shoppers and tourists alike to beautiful Egg Harbor.

There are many great opportunities to establish your own shop in the successful, progressive Village of Egg Harbor. One of our spaces could be the opportunity your business has been waiting for!

Upper level building 1

  • 1-A & 1-B – ‘Tis the Season
  • 1-C - ‘Tis the Season Too – An extension of our ‘Tis the Season shop
  • 1-D – Cinnamon Windmill - Location for Sale - Contact Owner Jan Luser 920-868-2448
  • 1 E-F - Ablue Gifts
  • 1-G-H – Nan and Jerry's Door County Clothing
  • 1-I - Door County Baby Boutique

Lower level building 1

  • 1-K - Kim’s Boutique
  • 1-L – Kim’s Gift Shop
  • 1-M – Door County Confectionery
  • 1-N – Country Lady
  • 1-O – Buttercups Coffee

Building 2

  • 2-A – Harbor wear
  • 2-B - Purple Door Accents
  • 2-C - Howell Creek Gifts
  • 2-D - From The Forty
  • 2-E – Europeaon Gifts
  • 2-F – Studio One
  • 2-G – Door County Lazy One
  • 2-H – Door County Kids

Building 3

  • 3-A – Details Salon

Building Layout

Main Street Shops Building-Layout