From The Forty

My wife and I got into making rustic furniture through my grandfather. When my Grandfather retired he started making and selling log benches and stools that are very similar to the ones you will see here on our site. He got into cedar log flagpoles, fences, and other small rustic items. My Grandpa was always into log and rustic items long before it was considered cool. Unfortunately, my Grandpa developed Lou Gehrig's disease. As his ability to work diminished, he relied on my wife and I to help him complete his orders. We continued to work with him until he was no longer able to do so. My Grandpa passed away in 2000 at the age of 81. We came up with the name From the Forty in honor of my grandfather.  Ever since I can remember when he would get ready to head out the woods to go logging he would say "I am going to go get some logs From the Forty".   We started our business as a hobby with the skills I had learned from my grandfather.  We started selling some of the benches and stools in our front yard and at local farm/craft markets.   It got to a point that we couldn't keep up with orders plus hold a full time job. I quit my full time job and started From the Forty LLC full time. Our business is grown considerably over the last few years to not only what you see here but to doing entire households of furniture.

May-October open daily 10am-5pm.
            Nov.-Dec. Fri- Sat-.Sun. 10am-4pm

Location: From The Forty 7828 Hwy. 42 – Building 2 Suite D, Egg Harbor, WI 54209

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